Our region - camping rural des randonneurs

Located at not more than one hour from both the Mediterranean sea and the highest peeks of the Alps, far away from the business of larger cities, our region is well worth being visited. It’s green valleys are oases where man has preserved nature, where you always will find a heartily welcome. Descending from the Alps, you step into the flavours of “la Provence”, where the sky is glooming in the bright blue of the “Empire of Sun”. This is what Mistral and Paul Arène, 2 poets once living in Sisteron, beloved so much. Ridges sharp like knifes are located next to olive- and fruit tree plantings and to fields of lavender. Our region in the Valley of Honey, the Latin “Valis Mellis”, is dominated by Sisteron and it's citadel. From here you can discover marvellous villages as Surs, or just listen to the melody of the river Durance, Not far to the south, the les gorges du Verdon, the “French Grand Canyon”, is waiting for your visit, as well as Moustier Sainte Marie , a picturesque village well-known for it’s hand-crafted faïences. But also Digne with it’s geological reservation, the « pénitents des Mées », or the valley of the Méouge… are worth being discovered. 


Enjoy to make never ending sightings, combined with the overwhelming feelings of soaring. Discover nature and its unique fauna and flora on signed hiking trails or on horseback. Enjoy up- and downhill cycling, or take a fascinating ride in a canoe in the one or other river. And in the evening, relax when playing Boules, and enjoy your Pastis in midst of the gardens of “la Provence” accompanied by the singing of the cigales. Well, this is the region that made you interrupt your way? In case it is like that, tell your friends about it.

>e are waiting for them.


In the midst of a superb soaringarea, with plenty of unpolluted air, the glider field of Sisteron -Theze as ideal starting point for hight mountain flights in the Alps, is visited by those pilotes who prefer to preform glider flyinf with all safety. Situated in the valley of Durance, the aeroclub offers varity of flying activites and tracks around the most impressive mountains of the Alps ( Mont Blanc, Ecrins). www.aeroclubsisteron.fr.st